Does Black Tea Affect Testosterone? [The Possible Effects]

I have heard that some people say black tea can reduce testosterone levels. Especially black tea lovers like me need to know the interaction between black tea and testosterone. This is because lowering testosterone levels can cause decreased sex drive, feeling lethargy, gaining weight, thinning bones, moodiness, lower body hair, and more. 

A study done using mouse testis cultures has shown that black tea inhibits testosterone synthesis compared to coffee and green tea. This suggests that consuming a high dose of black tea may reduce male reproductive function. 

In contrast, black tea may also improve sperm viability, concentration, and motility. Since testosterone is an essential aspect of males, it is necessary to know our favorite teacup can have testosterone level. Other than black tea, there are some natural methods to increase testosterone levels. 

What is testosterone?

Both men and women make testosterone hormones. This hormone is primarily responsible for sperm production and sex drive. It also affects the red blood cell production, muscle mass, bone mass, and body fat stores’ locations. 

If you are a male, then testosterone will also affect your mood.

What happens when the testosterone level is low?

Some foods can decrease testosterone levels in humans and some of these foods are dairy, soy products, and some types of fats. Studies suggest that black tea can also reduce testosterone levels.

If you consume too many of these foods, your hormone levels will be unbalanced.

Reduced testosterone levels will have the following symptoms;

  • Less energy 
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Moodiness
  • Feeling depression
  • Less body hair
  • Thinner bones 

Testosterone level can also decrease with cancer, kidney disease, cirrhosis, aids, and alcoholism. Although testosterone levels drop as men age, dietary factors can also affect testosterone levels.

Does black tea lower testosterone?

One study published in Andrologia in 2014 has shown that black tea can reduce testosterone production [1]Opuwari, C. S., & Monsees, T. K. (2014). Reduced testosterone production in TM3 Leydig cells treated withAspalathus linearis(Rooibos) Camellia Sinensis(tea). Andrologia, 47(1), 52–58.

Researchers have used cultured mouse testes cells in a laboratory for this study. They have then treated the cells with rooibos and black tea and found testosterone level reduced.

They attributed lower testosterone production to flavonoids in black tea. Also, they have found rooibos tea can also reduce testosterone production. 

Another study done at the University of Western Cape in 2013 has shown that black tea can reduce testosterone function in male mice [2]Pool, E. J. (2015, October 19). Effects of green, black and rooibos tea, coffee and buchu on testosterone production by mouse testicular cultures [Press release]. The researchers have cultured mice testis tissues in a laboratory and treated them with black, green, and rooibos teas, coffee, and buchu.

Among these different teas, black tea may inhibit testosterone production more than green tea and coffee. Rooibos tea and buchu did not affect testosterone production. The researchers have concluded that black tea can affect testosterone production in mice compared to other beverages. 

Another study done at the same University in 2013 has shown that both black tea and green tea can improve sperm viability, concentration, and motility. Researchers have attributed this effect to a High level of antioxidants in green tea and black tea. However, the testosterone levels have decreased after exposure to black tea [3]Opuwari, C. S., & Monsees, T. K. (2013). In vivo effects of green and black tea on the rat male reproductive system. Planta Medica, 79(13), 79.

All the research evidence available up to now shows that black tea lowers the T level. However, all of these studies were done using mice cell cultures in laboratories. More reviews of humans are needed to confirm the findings. 

Black tea and prostate cancer due to testosterone

Male androgens such as testosterone are the main reason for prostate cancers because androgens induce oxidative stress. A study published in the journal of Cancer Letters studied black tea’s effect on oxidative stress due to testosterone in male Wistar rats [4]Siddiqui IA, Raisuddin S, Shukla Y. Protective effects of black tea extract on testosterone-induced oxidative damage in the prostate. Cancer Lett. 2005;227(2):125-132. doi:10.1016/j.canlet.2004.10.046.

 In this study, rats were only given black tea drinks as the drinking source in different concentrations. Then the researchers have given rats testosterone hormones.

They have observed a protective effect of black tea against the oxidative stress caused by testosterone. So, the researchers have concluded black tea can work against testosterone and oxidative stress caused by it to prevent prostate cancers. 

Another study published in the Journal of Nutrition has shown black tea green tea extracts can reduce prostate cancer cells [5]Jin-Rong Zhou, Lunyin Yu, Ying Zhong, George L. Blackburn, Soy Phytochemicals and Tea Bioactive Components Synergistically Inhibit Androgen-Sensitive Human Prostate Tumors in Mice, The Journal of Nutrition, Volume 133, Issue 2, February 2003, Pages 516–521, This might explain why there is less prevalence in aggressive prostate cancer in Asians, the hard tea lovers.

If you are a male, this might be good news for you because your favorite cup of black tea can protect you against prostate cancer.

Does black tea help erectile dysfunction?


A study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2008 has shown that black tea brew can act as an oral drink that can help with sexual problems.  It may solve issues such as erectile dysfunction, impaired libido, and premature ejaculation. Since this study was conducted in mice, more research is needed to confirm the findings [6]Ratnasooriya, W. D., & Fernando, T. S. P. (2008). Effect of black tea brew of Camellia sinensis on sexual competence of male rats. Journal of Ethnopharmacology, 118(3), 373–377.

Another study published in the World Journal of Hypertension in 2013 has explored the relationship between tea drinking and sexual activity. The researchers have found that drinking tea can positively affect sexual activity [7]Chen, X.-J. (2013). A hypothesis on the relationship between tea drinking and sexual activity. World Journal of Hypertension, 3(4), 32.

How to boost testosterone levels naturally?

There are some methods you can use to boost your testosterone level. Doing regular activities have been known to increase testosterone levels. Losing your extra pounds, getting enough sleep, avoiding overeating, and eating a balanced diet can help you to boost testosterone levels naturally.


In conclusion, drinking black tea can reduce T levels. But black tea can improve other beneficial sexual parameters such as sperm viability, concentration, and motility.

Declining testosterone levels sometimes benefit prostate cancers. So, in my opinion, you can still enjoy your favorite cup of black tea without worrying too much about T levels.


  1. Does black tea have testosterone?

Black tea does not have testosterone. Black tea mainly has minerals and other non-nutritive compounds. One cup of black tea contains compounds such as caffeine (47.4 mg), sodium (7.1mg), potassium (87.7mg). But drinking black tea might lower your T levels.

  1. Does black tea boost testosterone?

Black tea may boost testosterone, according to research available up to this. In vitro studies done with cultured mouse testes, cells have shown that black tea can reduce testosterone production. However, no human studies were done to explore this effect. 

  1. Does Black Tea increase estrogen?

Black tea itself contains an estrogen-like chemical called phytoestrogen. You can get these phytoestrogens from plant foods. These phytoestrogens can act like estrogen in our bodies. Studies have found that drinking black tea can increase the Phyto estrogenic activity in our body. In other words, black tea can increase the estrogen level in our body.

  1. Is black tea bad for testosterone?

Black tea may reduce testosterone levels after we drink it. But it is not something that we need to worry about. Although black tea can reduce testosterone levels up to some extent, it can improve sexual parameters such as sperm viability, concentration, and motility. In my opinion, you will be able to enjoy 1- 3 cups of black tea in a day without significantly affecting T levels.