Hello, First of all, welcome to my blog

My name is Indika. I’m a Personal Fitness Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach, Digital Marketer, and very importantly a TEA lover. This is my story.

I started a new capture in my life seven years ago, and it changes my lifestyle and me. When I’m In school, I skilled in different sports and made some wins. That helped a lot to build my career as a personal trainer. After college, I could find a job in the transportation industry. Not my dream job, but it is working fine.

When the time flies, I realized this job is not for me. So finally I made a decision. I’m beginning to study and make qualified as a personal fitness trainer. After so much hard work, I achieve some of my fitness and life goals. Now I am caring about my clients. There’s nothing more important to me than helping somebody to overcome their unhealthy life and be happy, confident, and healthy. I do practically everything I have learned professionally and guide my clients to achieve their nutrition and fitness goals.